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Labrador retriever Cooper outside running

7 Tips for running with your dog 

We all love having a friend to run with! Running with your dog can give you an extra sense of motivation, and you can accomplish

Strength training for runners

10 essential Strength training exercises for runners

I recently asked you guys on my Instagram about topics I should cover. The question I got asked the most was: “How about strength training

apple watch vs garmin

Apple watch vs Garmin: Which Watch is Better for Runners

Running watches are notoriously difficult to decide on. Also, when weighing your options you might – despite best intentions – go for a flashy watch

BCAA benefits for runners

Should Runners Use BCAAs?

If you’ve been involved in the running world, you’ve probably come across the term BCAAs and wondered what that meant. BCAAs have been gaining traction

Sabrina wearing a mask for running

The best masks for running

In my area (NYC) it is only safe and respectful to others to cover your mouth and nose while you’re running near others. Running with

What you need to know about the Berlin Marathon

Everything You Need to Know About the 2021 Berlin Marathon

It’s almost that time again! in 2019 I had the incredible experience of completing the Berlin Marathon. And although I hit a PR, I still