My marathon mistakes in Berlin

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German runner based in New York City

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  1. Mr Positive says:

    Sorry to say, but you do seem to focus on the negatives too much rather than positives… I would recommend working on that for future races and also posts…
    As I was excited to see your review of the Berlin Marathon, it is hard to see many positives beyond your rants and moaning above…

    It is good to inspire and look on the brightside of life…

    I imagine this comment will not make it to your website, but I at least hope you read : ) I am not trying to be harsh by the way, just a little disappointed and just wanted to see how the above text is seen by another…

    1. Hey!!

      Thanks so much for your feedback. Sorry to say, but this article is not about anything positive. I ended up being pretty injured after Berlin and the race was pretty shitty for me. My blog is full of great articles about running and motivation for this sport. This article in specific is about my personal feelings, pain, and thoughts – pretty much mistakes that I made. There’s no sugarcoating. Running isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. There’s another article explaining the course of the race, maybe that’s more for you. xx Sabrina


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